Diana PPL at Salon Pierre

Diana PPL

Microcurrent Facial Toning For that special event that requires instant results, the Diana PPL microcurrent facial can achieve a dramatic effect in only 30-minutes.

This treatment uses individual electrodes placed on the lower key facial muscles and probes around the more sensitive eye areas.

Goddess Diana System


A layer of collagen gel is applied to the skin, around the eyes, forehead and lip area. The Therapist is then ready to work on these areas using a combination of strokes to detoxify, lift and smooth the skin.

Facial Electrodes

Whilst the Therapist treats the upper areas with probes, the lower facial muscles are exercised automatically, with a combination of individually controlled facial electrodes, designed to tone and lift.


Diana Non Surgical Facelift

One of the most technically advanced and effective non-surgical face-lifting systems available. A dedicated face and neck toning system giving immediate and visible proof of effectiveness.

1 Treatment £45.00


Course of 6 Treatments £225.00


Course of 12 Treatments £420.00


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