Autumn Additions to Your Skincare

With the change in the seasons here are some reasons to make some autumn changes to your skincare routine

To help understand why we have some Autumn Additions to our Skin Routines see if you remember this advert. Do you? Maybe or maybe not. After all the advert is from 50 years ago! Over time products change, skincare changes, the options for us to look after our skin change, even a little turning the clock back but what doesn’t change is the damage the change of the seasons does to our skin.

Autumn Facial
Autumn Facial

One Autumn Addition We Highly Recommend.

Like in the leaf in the ad, our skin can become dry and cracked with the Autumn weather and we really need to be extra vigilant with our routines as we move into winter.

Autumn can be treated as an opportunity to undo some of the summer damage, including getting your skin used to super ingredients and treatments which are better done away from the sunny sweaty weather.

We advise that after one of our Microdermabrasion treatments you Stay out of the sun for at least a week after your treatment to prevent UV rays from causing hyperpigmentation or damaging your skin. This means that Autumn is the perfect time to have this treatment.

The North Wind doth Blow!

The wind is the real Autumn skin issue. It can make our skiing dry and cracked in a very short time. Both on our hands and our faces. By keeping on top of your facials you can reduce the impact of the wind on your face. Try wearing gloves to help your hands stay supple throughout the seasonal changes. Careful to keep them natural though and maybe a little hand and nail treatment to help keep them in tip-top condition.

Autumn Skin Care
Autumn Skin Care
Autumn Hand Care
Autumn Hand Care

Central Heating, Be Careful!

When you’ve ventured into the cold, there’s nothing better than the warm embrace of central heating. Your skin, on the other hand, will beg to differ. Central heating is notoriously drying on the skin as it essentially sucks the moisture out of the air, which can also lead to increased sensitivity. 

Your skin can soon start to look dull. To keep it looking bright and healthy try a treatment which will light it up with good health. As the cost of heating our home is rising, looking after your skin by keeping the heating low or off could be a little silver lining.

Preparing to Make Autumn Changes to Your Skincare Routine.

Take a look at the Autumn trees to see what’s happening to cells at this time of the year. They are dying!! And it’s no different to our cells too. 

 If you plan your skincare routines well then you should be able to prepare your skin for the changing seasons. Remember as always, this starts with exfoliation. Getting rid of those dead skin cells will help the new ones to surface, giving your daily glow an instant boost.

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