Birthmark Removal
Safe & effective IPL and laser birthmark removal...

After a thorough consultation we will choose the right technology to treat you with. Advanced medical-grade IPL, Alexandrite and Nd: YAG laser technology can all be used to effectively treat birthmarks in order to enhance your confidence.

Key Facts:

  • It’s unclear exactly what causes birthmarks.
  • Birthmarks can be flat or raised.
  • They can be brown, black, light blue, pink, purple, red, or tan.
  • There are two main types of birthmarks: vascular and pigmented. Vascular, or blood vessel, birthmarks occur when blood vessels don’t form correctly.
  • Pigmented birthmarks occur due to the overgrowth of cells that create colour in the skin.

Treatment Time

20-45 minutes

NO Anaesthetic

Not Required

Fast Recovery

Same Day


from £75 per session

Best Results

in 6-12 treatments

No Complications

Very Low Risk

Can we answer?
You will no doubt have lots of questions...

Let us try to answer a few questions for you below but please do book in with us for a consultation.

Treatment involves using a specific light wave that is right for the specific colour and make-up of the birthmark. Over a course of treatments, the laser breaks down the colour so that the mark fades and blends in with the surrounding skin, without leaving any scars.

Most types of birthmarks are suitable for laser treatment but we do recommend that you first come into clinic for a consultation and assessment to discuss treatment options.

The total number of treatments required will vary depending upon the type of birthmark. Some will need from six to twelve sessions and it is important to realise that some birthmarks can re-occur.

Treatment is mildly uncomfortable and a warm, tingling sensation not unlike sunburn is experienced afterwards. The treated area may feel itchy but it is important not to scratch.

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