Happy Eyebrows – Happy Holidays

The Why’s

Whether they are raised in question, tipping over your sunglasses or communicating those non-verbal signals, your eyebrows must be tip-top and holiday ready. We tend to be more active during the holiday periods; this causes some hormonal changes in us; these hormone releases promote hair growth.

The sun and its fantastic Vitamin D promote hair growth by helping to create new follicles. This means your hair could grow faster, thicker and more robust in the sun. 

All good news until it comes to your eyebrows.

Eyebrow Shape

Whether it’s a 1930’s strong and full, a swinging 60s small and neat or a new romantic 1980s big and bold, you want it to last throughout your holiday. Given what we’ve said above, this could prove more of a challenge than in previous years, dare we say it, staycation. Where your eyebrow shape probably lasted for you.

If time or budget is a consideration, you could take 15 minutes to get that shape done for under £10. Gorgeous holiday eyebrow shape for under £10? Look here (insert link). If you talk with your beautician, they will be able to guide you on how to keep your shape.

Enhance What You Already Have

If it’s a memorable trip or you’re ready for R&R, why not treat yourself to a more indulgent treatment? Check out a brow lamination and intense colour; this would require a patch test and some looking after before leaving. Your beautician can guide and advise on all brow treatments. Lamination makes the most of your natural shape. Lamination is excellent if you want a full, thick, natural look.

Summer Eyebrow Care

You’ll need just a few things, which will fit into any suitcase! Firstly, bring tweezers because you might need to do occasional plucking here and there. If you don’t want any heavy eyebrow make-up for the beach, all you need is something to keep them tamed. An excellent idea is an angled brush to keep the hairs from becoming unruly. And one of our recommended eyebrow styling gels will hold everything in place. And if you want to add a bit of drama for the evening look, you can use an eyebrow pomade, a brow corrector, or a fine felt tip pen. Remember to look for smudge-proof and water-proof products when shopping for your summer brow products because the sun, sweat and salty or chlorinated water won’t harm them!

If you ever need a good excuse to have that extra summer break – do it for your eyebrows. Bon Voyage.

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